We love coming to the Little Stars  

The parent-accompanied classes are a great place to meet other parents and swap note​s about the various stages of having a toddler.  I got some of my best advice on weaning and potty training at these sessions!  Miss ​Caroline and Miss Rebecca also did an excellent job of teaching my son that tidying up was his responsibility!​

Amelia Sewell
a v​ery special community

We have been at City Kids for 2 years now, with my daughter in Little Stars and my son in Bumblebees (Pre-school). It has a very special community feel that is felt by both the children and parents. I couldn’t ask for anything more for my kids, and they are learning so much and love going to school each day. ​

Joanna White
Warm and welcoming teachers

We love Little Stars for so many reasons: the great indoor and outdoor space, the unstructured play with such a variety of toys and activities and the wonderful warm and welcoming teachers. 

Catherine Lawrenson
full of happy children

The loveliest, most welcoming preschool in Hong Kong.  Such a wonderful place to be a part of, full of happy children and warm teachers.   Thrilled that our family is lucky enough to be part of this big hearted community.

Amelia Sewell
Love the Community

When we first arrived at Little Stars we were welcomed with open arms. That has never changed. The twins love their teachers and we, as parents, love the community of City Kids. We are very lucky to be part of such a special PreSchool.

Liz Walsh
return confident and stimulated

The child who gains access to this happy space will wake up with a smile everyday and return confident and stimulated.

Lisa Goeller